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Safer Internet Day - 09/02/2010

"Think B4 U post!"

Published on February 08, 2010

ENISA supports the  'Safer Internet Day' campaign, on Tuesday, 9, February, which is organised by Insafe each year in February to promote safer  and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones. The target audience is children and young people in particular. The topic for 2010 is "Think B4 U post!".

  • Anything anyone posts online remains there for an indefinite period and accessible for everyone.  This can have serious consequences.

Children and teenagers need to be made aware that they can control their online identity. Do you know if your kids:
- use the privacy settings offered by social networking services?
- select friends online that they can trust?
- publish their own photos after thinking carefully about the potential consequences?
- publish pictures of their friends with their permission?
Watch seven 20 seconds campaign videoclips at:

Furthermore, the Agency's latest report on mobile social networking analyses the trends of 'life online'. The study also underlines many hands-on, practical advice on how to surf safer.

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