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New training material by ENISA on Mobile Threats Incident Handling and Artefact analysis

Published on December 04, 2015

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ENISA rolls out a continuation to its most used and valued technical training material, on Mobile Threats Incident Handling and Artefact analysis

The material released is two-fold:

  • The new content familiarises trainees with concepts, tools, and techniques used for incident handling on mobile devices, and offers a methodology on how to react - properly and timely - when the necessity comes.
  • The new artefact analysis training material helps information security analysts to correctly analyse malware and understand its potential functionality, enabling the organisation to create proper countermeasures and mitigation plans.


The ability to manage and solve information security incidents has become a top priority for companies, government institutions, universities and other organisations with initiatives taking place in all EU Member States.

The material has been categorised into four main topics:

  • Technical
  • Operational
  • Setting up a CSIRT
  • Legal and cooperation


Various tools for hands-on training, such as Virtual Machines are also provided. For access to the new material:


For an overview on ENISA’s trainings and the ‘train the trainer program’ see the following video.

To access all available training resources please visit the link.


For more on the subject and press enquiries please contact [email protected], Tel.+30 2814 409576



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