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New consolidated report on Network Information Security in Education

The Agency is publishing today the consolidated ENISA report on Network Information Security in Education. The report provides young digital citizens and stakeholders with an overview and highlights of good practices on how to become educated to feel and behave safer online.

Published on January 16, 2012

Long life learning, formal, non-formal and informal education are on the agenda of policymakers. Children, youth and their peers, parents and educators are all part of the discussion and the recommendation is that they should cooperate and get involved as much as possible. The material available here  is to enable easy transfer of knowledge between stakeholders.

In the words of the Digital Agenda for Europe;

"Youth engagement will make the Digital Agenda a reality."

The information in this consolidated report helps all stakeholders to be better informed, better educated and better involved in the area of Network and Information Security [NIS].

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