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National Liaison Officers meet today at ENISA

ENISA’s network of National Liaison Officers(NLOs) met today, 26th April, in Athens, for an update on activities within the network.

Published on April 26, 2017

During the meeting, NLOs exchanged views with ENISA experts and elaborated on the objectives of the year.

The meeting included discussions on the future role of NLOs following the implementation of the NIS Directive and the new ENISA mandate, as well as updates on upcoming events by ENISA such as the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM), the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC), and ENISA’s role in the NIS Directive Co-operation Group and the CSIRTs Network.

National Liaison Officers are the first point of contact of ENISA in the Member States, acting as ‘facilitators’ for ENISA activities within their countries. The Network currently comprises thirty-five members of the EU Member States, EEA countries and the European Institutions.

For more information visit ENISA NLOs Network page.




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