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Key findings from the ENISA Workshop: Protection of Electronic Communications Infrastructure and Information Sharing

Published on July 20, 2015

ENISA’s Workshop on the Protection of Electronic Communications Infrastructure and Information Sharing successfully concluded with the participation of more than forty-five (45) participants from twenty (20) Member States. Representatives included Ministries and National Regulatory Agencies, Electronic communication providers and infrastructure owners.

The workshop, which took place on June 16th 2015 in Romania, was an opportunity for participants to exchange views and best practices in the field. Key conclusions are:

  • Information exchange tools enhance the security against incidents. Their usage can be voluntary or mandatory, depending on the cultural aspects of the country.
  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration should take place at all stages of the design and the deployment of these tools. This will help to design the functionalities and facilitate the adoption of these tools, while it is necessary to take into account users’ needs.
  • The development of these tools is a continuous process. Current tools need to evolve and new tools should be conceived keeping in mind the future outlook. Current trends include the adoption of new technologies (e.g. mobile usage), automation and integration with third-party systems through APIs.


During the workshop presentations of several tools was made by Ledningskollen (Sweden), KLIC (The Netherlands) and DIO (Sweden), while two panels - of managers and users - explored these tools.

Workshop minutes and presentations are available online.

Background information:

Information sharing is very important in the prevention of future incidents that can impact network and information security. Internet outages, caused by the disruption of underground assets (such as cables, fibre optics, ducts), can be prevented by declaring these assets and future civil works in special tools. ENISA has analysed the solutions deployed in several EU Member States in the Protection of Underground Electronic Communications Infrastructure  report. Moreover, specific tools such as DIO allow operators to share information about disruptions and share this information in a standardised manner.



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