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Join the Ad Hoc Working Group on EU Cybersecurity Market

Qualified EU cybersecurity market experts are hereby invited to respond to a call for expression of interest for an Ad Hoc Working Group on the EU Cybersecurity Market.

Published on August 03, 2021

In an effort to gain broader representation in the forthcoming ad hoc working group on EU cybersecurity market, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) is relaunching the call for expression of interest for an ad hoc working group on the EU cybersecurity market. 

All prospective applicants must observe the new deadline for applications of 10 September 2021, at 12.00,  EET (Athens time zone).

The ENISA Ad Hoc Working Group (AHWG) on the EU cybersecurity market seeks to support ENISA in analysing market trends and segments, with a focus on cybersecurity solutions to meet the dynamic market needs of stakeholders.

While underpinning the EU cybersecurity market, the global cybersecurity market may also be considered, for example when addressing the EU dependency on or requirements for market actors from outside the Digital Single Market.

The focus on the EU cybersecurity market aims to “improve conditions for the functioning of the internal market” and “foster a robust European cybersecurity industry and market”, as foreseen in Activity 7 of the ENISA Single Programming Document 2021-2023, in line with article 8.7 of the Cybersecurity Act to proactively assess market trends within Europe.

Timeline and activities planned

The estimated lifespan of this ad hoc working group is for three years from launch.

The terms of reference are available at: Ad-Hoc Working Group on EU Cybersecurity Market

EU cybersecurity market experts interested in applying are invited to submit their application to ENISA by using the dedicated application form. It is important to note that: any past application does not qualify for this call and previous applicants must re-submit their applications.


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