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Information sharing in focus at ENISA’s 3rd Electronic Communications Reference Group Meeting

On the 29th and 30th January 2015, ENISA held in Lisbon, the 3rd Electronic Communications Reference Group meeting, with experts from telecom operators and internet service providers. The event was hosted by the Portuguese communications service provider NOS.

Published on February 04, 2015


Meeting highlights:

  • Presentation by NOS on risk management, security measures and incident reporting.
  • ENISA’s study on provider dependencies on third party ICT equipment and outsourced services for core operations, and its  guide for providers on security requirements for vendors of ICT equipment and outsourced services.
  • ENISA’s presentation with an overview of EU initiatives for announcing civil works which involve excavations, in order to protect underground cables from accidental damage.
  • Discussions led by Telefonica on the prerequisites and mechanisms for information sharing amongst providers, in case of security threats and incidents.
  • Presentation by The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) on a scalable tool for sharing information amongst providers on unplanned and planned disruptions in their networks.
  • Demo of ENISA’s incident reporting tool that will provide the possibility to share incident reports with providers in an anonymised way.
  • Visit at NOS’s state of the art Network Operations Centre.
  • Presentation by Deutsche Telecom on the importance of empowering users with security protection, knowledge and a sense of responsibility.
  • Telecom Italia’s presentation on the European SLA Guidelines for cloud computing and the Data protection Code of conduct for cloud service providers. The project was led by the European Commission, supported by Telecom Italia and a well represented working group of different organisations.
  • Announcement of ENISA’s study on Big Data from a security point of view.



The objective of ENISA’s Electronic Communications Reference Group is to discuss and share experiences on security related issues in the electronic communications sector and to point to topics that need attention at an EU level. ENISA will continue its work to develop further the reference group, aiming to gain input, test ideas and act as a liaison with national telecom regulators, the European Commission, and actors in other inter-dependent sectors.


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