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Industry collaboration event: Matching supply and demand in EU cybersecurity

ENISA held the third industry event on Friday 21st October.

Published on October 21, 2016

The workshop, which took place in Brussels, looks at matching supply and demand in EU cybersecurity. The focus is two-fold: to identify cybersecurity challenges and requirements in two key sectors, electronic payments and eHealth, and to explore to what extent suppliers of cybersecurity products and services are able to respond in a commercially neutral environment.

In particular, objectives of the workshop include to:

  • understand the challenges and cyber security requirements of the eHealth and ePayments industries
  • showcase state-of-the-art approaches in the two topics
  • match EU cybersecurity challenges and requirements with opportunities and capabilities
  • explore what industry can offer (without discussing individual products)
  • draft a list of concrete actions - after a ‘matching exercise’ - and communicate these to the relevant authorities

The industry group was created by ENISA in an effort to compliment with discussions on implementation strategies and methods related to the current active policy debate on NIS themes. The particular event, brings together representatives from the European Commission, public and private entities, health, banking and IT sectors.  The aim is to generate a better understanding of challenges and requirements in these industries for potential suppliers, and to inform the consumer industries on potential solutions to respective issues.

The overall goal is to ensure that policy makers are aware of the degree of effort and cost necessary to implement policy ideas, and conversely that the EU industry, whether acting as consumers or suppliers of cybersecurity products and services, are able to get optimal benefit from these policies.

ENISA takes a closer look in these two fields as the health sector, and in particular innovations related to e/m- Health, is increasingly considered as a critical infrastructure while the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) is expected to  impact the security of payment services.


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