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Focus on Industrial Control & SCADA systems - 9th ENISA workshop “CERTs in Europe”

Published on June 03, 2014

ENISA held its 9th Annual Workshop ‘CERTs in Europe’ on 27th and 28th May at the Foundation for Research & Technology – Hellas (FORTH) premises in Heraklion, Greece. The meeting was closed for national and governmental CERTs in Europe and was focused on "Incident response in the Industrial Control systems –ICS / SCADA environment".


Among the key topics on the workshop's agenda were:

  • ENISA's perception of cyber security for ICS-SCADA
  • Incident and Threat Information Sharing
  • Incident Response for Critical Information Infrastructure


The workshop was co-located with the European CERT community meeting -the 42nd TF-CSIRT meeting - which took place on 29th-30th May 2014.

ENISA expert, Ms Andrea Dufkova, said "We are very pleased that the event was concluded successfully with great speeches and excellent discussions among the CERT teams involved. We would like to thank FORTH and FORTH CERT for their excellent support and venue and we are already looking forward to the next year's event when ENISA celebrates 10 years of CERT workshops! "

ENISA/EC3 workshop

The next joint ENISA/EC3 workshop on CERT & Law Enforcement counterparts (LEA) cooperation in the fight against cybercrime will take place in October at the Europol premises in the Hague.



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