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ICANN CEO visits ENISA to discuss cybersecurity of the internet infrastructure

Today the CEO of ICANN, Göran Marby, and Elena Plexida, Senior director at ICANN, visited the ENISA offices in Athens to discuss cybersecurity of the internet infrastructure.

Published on June 03, 2019

ICANN is an international, non-governmental and non-profit organization which manages the internet's namespace, i.e. the internet domain names, the DNS root registries. ICANN coordinates the global IP address space by handing out blocks of IP addresses to regional internet registries, like RIPE NCC for Europe. ICANN also hosts the archive of IETS RFCs which define today's internet protocols.  Much of the work that ICANN does is closely related to cybersecurity.

Among the topics of discussion were the big DNS hijacks which have been observed this year (also referred to as DNSpionage), the security issues of DNS in general, the issue of network slicing, elasticity of DNS for IoT, and the influence of EU companies and EU countries in international standards setting bodies like IETF and ITU.

Steve Purser, head of ENISA's core operations department, said: "ENISA acts as a cybersecurity hub, bringing together the right stakeholders and the right experts to develop a common approach to cybersecurity issues. We are looking forward to leverage ICANN's expertise on relevant cybersecurity issues, like the vulnerabilities in DNS. "

The EU's NIS Directive, adopted in 2016, which came into force in 2018, covers critical internet infrastructure like the European internet exchange points, top level domains and DNS. In the context of the NIS Cooperation Group, the NIS Directive's cooperation mechanism, ENISA is currently working with national authorities to develop an efficient approach to supervising of these critical parts of the EU's internet backbone.

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