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Happy International Women's Day from all of us at ENISA!

Today 8 March 2019, ENISA celebrates International Women’s Day by acknowledging and praising the invaluable contribution that women bring to cybersecurity in the European Union.

Published on March 08, 2019

ENISA has been developing and implementing a gender balance project. Thanks to this initiative, about 47% of ENISA staff is now female.

On this joyous occasion, ENISA is pleased to join and have an information stand at the “Cyber Aware: Spotlight on Women in Cyber” event organised by the European Commission and is launching a call to all women working in cybersecurity to apply for specialist positions at ENISA. Please consult our leaflet with detailed information and view our short clip video testimonials on woman in cybersecurity roles here.

ENISA also actively supports the ‘WOMEN in DIGITAL Programme’ of the European Commission and ECSO ‘Women in Cyber’ initiative to raise awareness of the gender balance and advocate for women in cybersecurity roles including IT security, IoT security, medical cybersecurity, transport cybersecurity, military and defence cybersecurity, technology and others.

Find out more about Women in Cybersecurity and vacancies at ENISA in our leaflet.

Background information

A new research from Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that women will represent 20 percent of the global cybersecurity workflow in 2019, a positive trend compared to the previous report, which stated that women make up 11 percent of the global cybersecurity workforce. The newest research includes a recalculation of women in cyber based on a broader definition of positions covered.

ENISA is committed to supporting the development of a European skills-base and attracting the best cyber talents in Europe. We invite you to navigate our career site, identify the positions where you think your profile matches the requirements of the job and apply to what could be the job you have always dreamt of. ENISA offers a multinational, multicultural and young dynamic working environment with an interesting range of career opportunities.


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