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Governor of Crete Mr Arnaoutakis visits the Agency

The Governor of Crete Mr Arnaoutakis met with the Executive Director of ENISA Prof. Helmbrecht to discuss local, current issues.

Published on September 23, 2011

Among the conclusions were:

  • to establish a closer contact to the local business and citizens communities
  • to support the local Chamber(s) of Commerce, in translating, adapting and distributing ENISA’s cyber security papers, best practices and recommendations
  • to provide customized recommendations for the benefit of local business, companies, and citizens
  • practical road safety issues in the area around the Agency’s seat
  • improve accessibility via public transport to the Agency’s seat
  • to continue having  regular meetings to work common issues, and track progress
  • to have regular meetings with the ENISA parents and the School of European Education


“We have had good and constructive discussions today regarding different current local issues, so as to cooperate more closely on these matters. This includes the improved functioning of the School of European Education and its new building. These and other matters are of common interest, both to develop the island and increase its attractiveness for the IT-industry,” said the Executive Director of ENISA, Professor Udo Helmbrecht.

Since the arrival of Prof. Helmbrecht, ENISA has been publishing its press releases in Greek, and has   a web site section in Greek;

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