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Executive Director of ENISA, at the Trust in the Digital Life/Cloud conference in Vienna

Published on April 07, 2014

The Executive Director of ENISA, Professor Udo Helmbrecht is speaking at the two day Cloud conference in Vienna. The focus of the  Trust in the Digital World conference this year is “Enabling the Economics of Trust”, ”Building Trust in Cloud”.

This annual, independent, two-day industry conference was organised by TDL & EEMA, hosted by partners, the Austrian Economic Chamber and City of Vienna and supported by European Commission, DG CONNECT and ENISA.

The conference focusses on public and private trust related to the European Cyber Security Strategy.

The event will:

• Strengthen the interaction between industry, Government & Policy Makers, as well as knowledge institutes.

• Provide a platform for dissemination of results delivered by the TDL & EEMA ecosystems.

• Stimulate and refresh the ecosystem with new content from both outside & inside the industry.

• Provide a platform with impact for sending out messages to influence government & industry.


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