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European research and development priorities in cybersecurity

A new ENISA report aims to identify the cybersecurity threats to European society and to identify priorities in research that will lead to mitigations before those cybersecurity threats materialise.

Published on December 19, 2018

The proposed research priorities have the aim to make Europe ”a global leader in cybersecurity by 2025, in order to ensure the trust, confidence and protection of our citizens, consumers and enterprises online, and to enable a free and law-governed internet”, as stated at the Tallinn Digital Summit in September 2017. 

Based on desktop research and interviews with experts, the report tries to foresee the European society in the near future, as far as 2025, and the societal changes brought by innovation in the digitally connected world.

The report recognises the interdependencies among the digital and physical world, the pervasiveness of connectivity in all aspects of society and industries, the evolution of the technologies and their effect on society.

The report focuses on identifying emerging challenges and on those current challenges that are evolving into significant risks to society. Closely related are the challenges in social dynamics, brought about by changes in society that technology has enabled. 

For the full report: Analysis of the European R&D priorities in cybersecurity


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