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Spanish EU Presidency - 'Granada Non-Paper' calls for stronger ENISA

Recently, the Spanish EU Presidency - 'Granada Non-Paper' called for a stronger, reinforced, ENISA.

Published on April 28, 2010

The EU Presidency Paper summarises key elements needed to implement the EU 2020 Strategy, including references to technologies and governance structures. It acknowledges the importance of both security and trust as pre-condition  for enhanced competitiveness and economic growth.  It also clarifies roles and responsibilities of actors at all governance levels (namely national, EU and global).

Moreover, it calls for “a reinforced European Network and (Information) Security Agency” [at pg. 3]. This is done in the context of establishing a European framework for  eID and authentication. The objective would be to improve international co-ordination against cyber attacks.

The paper elaborates on the Digital Single Market  with a focus on digital content and services, and related challenges.  Notably, the ENISA Work Programme also addresses this in 'PA 2'. (Preparatory Action), ‘Identifying Drivers and Frameworks for EU Sectoral NIS Cooperation’. This entails (i.a.) looking at barriers and incentives for cross-sectoral co-operation along the media value chain.

Last but not least, the paper calls for the introduction of performance indicators  and annual scoreboarding of progress. This is the equivalent to  the “name-and-shame” instrument used quite successfully in the context of the Internal Market,  assessing on an annual basis the implementation of  respective measures at national level.

(A 'Non-paper' is an informal discussion  document.)


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