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EU cyber crisis cooperation workshop in Athens, 4-5 March 2014

Participants from all the EU Member States gather today in Athens for a two day workshop, to plan and discuss the technical and operational part of Cyber Europe 2014 (CE2014).

Published on March 04, 2014

CE 2014 is a multi-level pan European cyber-exercise that will take place throughout 2014. Cross-border collaboration is a fundamental element for it to succeed as well as synergies between public and private sectors.

The exercise is based on simulating incidents and running exercises to test response capabilities across the EU with the ultimate goal to enhance Network and Information security contingency plans and improve the overall security and resilience of Europe’s Critical Information Infrastructures.

ENISA is a key facilitator of these exercises, CE2014 being the third exercise of its kind.

For more information: ENISA Cyber Crisis Cooperation and Exercises


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