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EP meeting on protection of Critical Information Infrastructures

ENISA's Head of Secure Infrastructures and Services Dr. Ouzounis, took part in in the European Parliament’s meeting on the protection of Critical Information Infrastructures.

Published on February 06, 2013

The gathering was organised by the Kosciuszko Institute and was attended by several senior cyber security experts from the public and private sector. The meeting was kicked off by MEP Dr. Renate Sommer, a Rapporteur of the 2008/114/CE Directive on the Protection of European Critical Infrastructures to the European Parliament, and MEP Niki Tzavela, the Shadow rapporteur.

Dr. Ouzounis presented ENISA's activities in the area of Critical Information Infrastructures and explained how the Agency assists Member States and private organisation to improve the security and resilience of their critical infrastructures.

More information about ENISA's work in the area of Critical Information Infrastructures can be found here:

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