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ENISA's work on Cloud Security Certification in “Cloud for Europe” in Berlin

Published on November 15, 2013

Today (15th November) ENISA's Head of Secure Infrastructure & Services Unit, Dr. Evangelos Ouzounis will present ENISA's activities on Cloud Security in the panel "Cloud Computing in the digital service infrastructure".

During 2013, ENISA has been supporting the work of the European Commission and the European Cloud strategy by participating in the Select Industry Group on cloud certification. In an number of meetings this group discussed and agreed about the possible role of (voluntary) cloud certification schemes to improve uptake of cloud computing in Europe. ENISA was asked to collect and summarize the results of the CERT-SIG and propose further steps on certification. The short paper with ENISA's perspective on cloud certification can be found at: 

On the same website, a first demo of the ENISA website for listing cloud certification scheme is also available. The website should be operational by the end of 2013. The listing of certification schemes is a first step in increasing transparency in cloud security and should make it easier for customers to understand which cloud certifications exist and how they work.


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