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ENISA’s input to the W.E.F. (World Economic Forum) Global Risk Report 2013

ENISA’s contribution to the World Economic Forum (WEF) report, Global Risk 2013 has been acknowledged in advance of the WEF’s Davos-Klosters annual meeting (23-27 January).

Published on January 09, 2013

The acknowledgement, in the report’s introductory pages, refers to ENISA’s input in the context of assessing the risks of Massive Digital Misinformation. This was done by examining how hyper-connectivity can enable potential “digital wildfires”, where the rapid spread of misinformation across the Internet can have massive impacts in, for example, the financial and political worlds. The global risk of Massive Digital Misinformation sits at the centre of a constellation of technological and geopolitical risks ranging from terrorism to cyber attacks and the failure of global governance.

The report is one of the main items that world leaders will discuss  in two weeks’ time  at the Davos-Klosters meeting in Switzerland.

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