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ENISA’s Executive Director Udo Helmbrecht emphasises on cybersecurity enabled values for EU growth and highlights the challenges in IoT and data security

Published on November 09, 2015

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“The EU faces a challenge, to deliver trust in Network Information Security (NIS) services and products” said Udo Helmbrecht, Executive Director of the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security, ENISA, at its annual High-Level Event in Brussels on Monday 9th November 2015. Helmbrecht pointed out that the EU has to establish cyber trust among citizens and industry to create a competitive EU based ICT sector, further strengthening the EU position, and at the same time support confidence in online privacy.

Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Günther H. Oettinger, emphasized similar aspects in his keynote address on the ‘EU Perspective on Key Cybersecurity Policy Objectives’: "The digital revolution that is changing our society and economy brings enormous opportunities. Trends such as Internet of Things, mobile health, smart mobility, smart cities, will increase ever more the already high demand for security products and solutions in Europe. Usually we look at cybersecurity through the prism of vulnerabilities and risks, but if we seize the big opportunities of the digital economy and grow stronger in this area, cybersecurity could become our competitive advantage. We need advanced cybersecurity solutions to make our digital market trustworthy and fully unlock its potential. And we need to strengthen our own cybersecurity industry to compete globally."

The event provides a platform for the exchange of information on cybersecurity between members from the Commission, Member States, policy makers, industry, experts, and academia. Each year trending topics in cybersecurity are addressed which attract the attention of high-level decision makers and leading figures in the NIS community.

This year’s panel discussions explored three themes which are widely being discussed among policy and NIS circles:  ‘Cybersecurity at the Service of Industry’, ‘Aligning Cybersecurity Goals with Democratic Principles’, and ‘Identifying Challenges and Priorities for NIS in Europe’. Key participating figures included among others, Francois Thill (Representative of Luxemburgish Presidency), Paul Nemitz (DG Justice), Krum Garkov (Executive Director, eu-LISA), and Guillaume Poupard (Director General, ANSSI).

Emphasizing the role and impact of ENISA in this European discussion, Udo Helmbrecht said: “ENISA through its established networks and studies - in sectors also supported through its work programme such as automotive, eHealth, IoT security -  can achieve the potential value enabled by cybersecurity for the growth of the IT security market in Europe. In this environment, the legislative procedures currently in the works will have an impact on the realisation of the Digital Single Market. The Agency already supports the legislative processes (telecommunications package, eIDAS, NIS directive, and the data protection regulation). Hence, it is in the unique position to support the implementation phase and act as an advisor, providing strategic foresight in Committees and advisory groups, creating a strong Information security community: ‘together secure’”.

Event agenda and speakers bios are available here. Follow the discussion @enisa_eu  #HLE15eu.

For event photos: ENISA High Level Event 2015 

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