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Workshop - security aspects of Trust Service Providers

On September 24, 2013, ENISA is organising a workshop to present and discuss the interim results of its studies on Trust Service Providers (TSPs).

Published on July 03, 2013


ENISA has been working on a series of studies on the topics of risk assessment, security requirements and incident management for trust service providers issuing electronic certificates, as well as the security aspects of the new trust services foreseen in the new EU Regulation (proposal published in July 2012).

The results of these studies will be presented at the workshop for trust service providers, which also aims to promote an open exchange of ideas among the different stakeholders involved in the trust services sector: providers of all types of trust services, supervisory authorities, regulators, standardization bodies, independent forums, etc.


For more information about the event and the registration form:


ENISA has also published a survey for trust service providers in the EU. TSPs that would like to contribute and have not yet participated are invited to do so by filling in the survey:



In July 2012 the European Commission presented a proposal for a new Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions  which will supersede the current Directive 1999/93/EC on a Community framework for electronic signatures. Art. 15 of the proposed Regulation establishes certain provisions regarding the security requirements applicable to trust service providers.


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