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ENISA Work programme for 2016 adopted: Agency builds on successful activities and broadens scope in ‘smart’ studies and IoT security

Published on October 26, 2015

ENISA’s Management Board adopted the Agency 2016 Work Programme on Friday 22nd October 2015. ENISA will continue its work on established priorities such as the pan-European cyber security exercises, critical information infrastructure protection (CIIP), support for implementation of Security & Data Breach notification obligations, the EU Cybersecurity Month and the work that ENISA has done in supporting the CERT community, while broadening its scope in areas including, smart cars, smart airports and smart hospitals, with new studies in mHealth and security of IoT.

Cybersecurity has the potential to contribute significantly to economic growth as the EU cyber security market is €20.1bn, growing at 6% CAGR[1], while the potential EU economic value at stake, is estimated at €640bn[2]. Through its work programme ENISA aims to maximise the contribution of NIS to the EU economy. ENISA’s areas of operation give the Agency its unique characteristic as an interlocutor of multiple communities and cyber security areas, placing it as ‘the hub for exchange of information on cybersecurity’ between the EU public and private sector and Member States.

ENISA’s work programme is based on four strategic objectives, building on its mandate:

  • to develop and maintain a high level of expertise of EU actors taking into account evolutions in NIS
  • to assist the MS and the COM in enhancing capacity building throughout the EU
  • to assist the MB and the COM in developing and implementing policies necessary to meet legal and regulatory requirements of NIS
  • to enhance cooperation both between the MS and between related NIS communities


ENISA will develop further on its achievements on Article 14[3] requests received in 2015, and will continue its collaborations through MoUs both with public and private entities. The Agency will continue its core activities in: (i) improving CIIP across the EU (ii) the Pan-European cyber security exercise (iii) the ENISA threat landscape (iv) security and data breach notification (v) capacity building (vi) European Cybersecurity Month (vii) CSIRTs development and training.

ENISA’s Executive Director, Udo Helmbrecht said: “I am pleased with the Agency’s performance level. The Management Board adopted a challenging work programme for 2016, given the limited resources of the Agency and the rapidly evolving cyber landscape. Member States recognise the importance of key initiatives by ENISA. The Agency is in the unique position to support the DSM initiative by providing the solutions and knowledge for investment and deployment of electronic services in the EU internal market, supporting the economic benefits of Europe from the cyber market creating value from effective security”.

ENISA’s newly adopted work programme for 2016 is available online.

For interviews and press enquiries please contact: [email protected], Tel. +30 2814 409576



[1] source: Cyber-security market size in Europe – Gartner 2014

[2] source: Risk and Responsibility in a HyperconnectedWorld –World Economic Forum

[3] Article 14 of ENISA Regulation (EU) No 526/2013



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