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ENISA wins award for Excellence in innovation-transformation at EU Ombudsman Award for Good Administration

The EU’s Agency for cyber security, ENISA, received the EU Ombudsman Award for Good Administration for Excellence in Innovation – Transformation at the ceremony which took place today Thursday 30th March, in Brussels.

Published on March 31, 2017

The Agency’s project on Redefining European cyber cooperation, is a cyber-crisis simulation executed in real-time (over 48 hours) following two years of planning.

This achievement reflects the continuous efforts of ENISA in innovation, creativity and effectiveness in achieving its goals. It also reflects the Agency work towards developing projects that highly impact and involve the Member states and bring added value to the EU.

Launched in October 2016, the initiative aims to highlight efforts and share best practice within the wider administration of Member States, recognising the contribution of staff at an individual and team level.

The project brings together top IT experts from banks, cybersecurity, transport and energy companies from all Member States. Over the project’s lifetime, more than 1000 participants were trained and benefited from the program.

Ninety (90) projects were nominated from EU Institutions, agencies and other bodies. ENISA competed with sixteen (16) projects under the innovation and transformation category.

Cybersecurity is an area which relies upon the cooperation of all involved parties and the exchange of best practices.

The award also reflects the collaboration across all the Member States in their efforts to respond against cyber threats, and is as much theirs to pride. We urge all partners to continue their commitment and hard work together in ensuring cyber excellence, awareness and security across the EU.  

EU Ombudsman press release

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