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ENISA welcomes the publication of the DSM mid-term review

ENISA welcomes the report on the mid-term review on the implementation of the Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy.

Published on May 11, 2017

ENISA is in full agreement on the importance of this subject and the economic opportunities that arise from a successful delivery of the DSM.

It has to be recognised that a key component to the success of any Digital Market Strategy is a secure digital environment. In this context, ENISA is pleased to note that a number of fundamental issues on cybersecurity have been identified in this report. These include:

  • The significant challenges raised by the deployment of the Internet of things technology
  • Fostering a trustworthy cyber ecosystem
  • The proposal to review the EU Cyber Security Strategy of 2013
  • The proposal to improve practices in the area of ICT security certification
  • The need to develop essential ICT security industrial capacities
  • The proposal for a revised ePrivacy Regulation to compliment the General Data Protection

Regulation introduced in April 2016.

  • The review of the ENISA mandate

The Executive Director of ENISA Prof. Dr. Udo Helmbrecht, said that he welcomes this contribution to the debate and the highlighting of the importance of cyber security in our digital world. ENISA looks forward to supporting this important initiative and playing its role in further securing the EU digital environment.

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