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ENISA welcomes Greek government VIPs

The Greek Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Networks, Mr. Mavroudis Voridis and an accompanying delegation visited ENISA on 28th, December to learn more in detail of the Agency's operations.

Published on December 28, 2011

ENISA welcomed a Greek government delegation to its Heraklion offices on 28th December to show them how the agency’s work is improving network and information security for Europe’s citizens.

The group was led by Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Networks, Mr Mavroudis Voridis. It also included Secretary General for Communications Mr Socrates Katsikas, Legal Adviser to the Minister, Mr Fedon Dimopoulos, Head of International Relations Department, Mr Ilias Pantazis and Greece’s National Representative to the Management Board of ENISA, Professor Constantine Stefanidis.

During the visit, the delegation saw a presentation on ENISA’s latest work, which includes ENISA’s 2011 work and support for the Member States e.g. EP3R, CIIP, Exercises, CERTs and an outlook for the 2012 Work-Programme. They also learnt about how ENISA collaborates with EU Member State governments, the IT security industry and other stakeholders,  to tackle current and future threats.

ENISA’s Executive Director, Professor Udo Helmbrecht, and the Agency’s Head of Unit for Secure Services, Dr Demosthenes Ikonomou hosted the visit. Professor Helmbrecht said: “ENISA has taken a number of initiatives in recent months to help us focus on improving IT security. For example, earlier this year, we created our Mobile Assistance Team, which helps us to work more closely with our stakeholders across EU Member States. The visit from Mr Mavroudis and his party was an excellent opportunity for us to share these latest developments with him and his group, and discuss how we can collaborate more closely to enhance network and information security for all of Europe’s citizens.”

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