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ENISA to the Meridian conference, Argentina, South America 4-6 Nov.

ENISA has been invited to make an in-depth presentation of its work at the prestigious Meridian conference, this year taking place in South America.

Published on November 04, 2013

This is the first time the agency reaches out in person also in South America. The conference takes place once per year and is part of the Meridian process. The process involves international public policy makers in Critical Information Infrastructure Protection sharing information and ENISA is part of it. Further information on the Meridian process is available on the website

Dr Kostantinos Moulinos of ENISA will make a comprehensive overview of the Agency’s activities with a particular focus on resilience, Industrial Control Systems, ICS /SCADA, smart grids, and Critical Information Infrastructure Protection.

For this purpose, the recent ENISA white paper on Industrial Control Systems and SCADA has also been kindly translated into Spanish by the Organization of American States,

In conjunction with the conference, the Agency will deliver a hands-on training on Computer Emergency Response Teams by two Agency experts.


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