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ENISA teams up with Member States on pan-European CIIP exercise

ENISA teams up with Member States on pan-European CIIP exercise

Published on November 13, 2009

Dr. Steve Purser of ENISA responded to the call for supporting the Member States in pan-European CIIP exercises and stressed the need to move from a conceptual framework to concrete action. Whilst the Member States are the drivers of such exercises, ENISA is ready to take a proactive role in supporting their initiatives.

This appeal to the Member States was made during the 2nd meeting of the European Forum for Member States (EFMS), Brussels 12 November 2009. The EFMS responds to the European Commission policy initiative on Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) – COM(2009)149 of 30 March 2009. Supporting the Commission’s CIIP action plan is one of the key priorities of the Agency.

Member States that participated in this meeting called upon ENISA to facilitate the forum by collecting and disseminating national good practices. ENISA strongly favours this idea and will set up a repository for good practice. The Agency currently works on a good practice guide for national exercises.
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