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ENISA supports the European Data Protection Day-28 January

Published on January 28, 2013

The European Commission today highlights the European Data Protection Day 2013: Full speed ahead towards reliable and modern EU data protection laws, pointing to its reform proposal.

  • European Commission Press release  in the Data Protection Day 28 January (available in 21 languages.)

Furthermore, the European Data Protection Supervisor, the EDPS arranges a conference today in the European Parliament, and has produced a video message to celebrate this day. In its press release the EDPS underlines that “data protection is essential across all EU policy areas.’’

ENISA supports the European Data Protection Day and has just participated in the Computers, Privacy & Data Protection conference discussing these issues. Furthermore, in 2012 the Agency has written several reports, which received wide media attention, to identify the technical challenges for ensuring citizen’s rights to privacy.

In 2012, the Agency also co-organised the first Annual Privacy Forum.


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