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ENISA strategies for efficient incident response and coordination towards cyber threats

ENISA has produced a document as part of its support to Working Group 2 of the NIS platform in the field of information exchange and incident coordination, including incident reporting and risks metrics for information exchange.

Published on April 01, 2016

Working Group (WG2) 2 of the NIS Platform is tasked to address the sharing of cyber threat information and incident coordination in both the public and private segments of the EU. The aim of this document is to support and stimulate discussion between WG2 members on the topic of incident response and cyber crisis coordination.

This document introduces the basics of incident response on a high level. Key challenges are identified on the typical issues that slow incident response mechanisms, and proposes ways to address these challenges, and enhance incident handling cooperation while taking into consideration the overview of cyber threats and emerging trends.

Among its objectives of incident response is to identify the requirements and issue recommendations on sharing cyber threat information which are appropriate for incident management processes to prevent and best respond to cyber incidents. The work builds on previous work undertaken by ENISA in the field of CSIRT and CIIP.

For the full document: Strategies for incident response and cyber crisis cooperation

About NIS platform: The Network and Information Security (NIS) Platform was created in 2013 as part of the Cybersecurity Strategy of the European Union and aims to help EU stakeholders carry out appropriate risk management, establish good cyber security policies and processes and further adopt standards and solutions that will improve the ability to create safer market conditions for the EU. The expert work of the NIS Platform was divided into Working Groups (WGs), all dealing with a specific field of expertise in cyber security establishing three WGs: (1) WG1 on risk management; (2) WG2 on information exchange and incident coordination; (3) WG3 on secure ICT research and innovation. For more information on the NIS platform, please visit: 

ENISA’s Cyber-Threat overview 2015

Increasing the resilience of Europe’s telecommunication infrastructures through Incident Reporting

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