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ENISA's new corporate 2013 video clip launched

"Everything is connected"

Published on April 11, 2013

ENISA has launched its new corporate video clip. This six-minutes movie describes the role of ENISA in a world where "everything is connected" both privately and professionally. Communication technology  connects us to family, friends, banks, and other private and e-government services we all rely on. But the Internet is under constant threat, from crime, attacks and accidents. Spamhaus, Stuxnet, Flamer, High Roller  to name a few of the sophisticated cyber-attacks that took place the last 3 years.

It is the European Union Agency ENISA’s job to work with prevention at EU levels in the field of cyber security. ENISA is working with governments, regulators and industry to assess risks and identify practical solutions to keep business, citizens and economy secure. This way, we support the smooth functioning of Europe’s internal market.

The need for governments to have fast and effective responses to cyber-attacks is demonstrated by recent  attacks on government web sites and, in the US, attempts to extract information on critical infrastructure,  such as electricity distribution  grids.

ENISA supports the Computer Emergency Response Teams, CERTs, set up by governments and organisations to defend against cyber threats, with training, coordination, and advice on good practices and information sharing.

For ENISA, providing support for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) is a priority.  The Agency organises Cyber-security exercises (e.g. Cyber Europe 2012),  to build Pan-European and international cooperation for large-scale cyber security incidents amongst a variety of other actions.

6 minutes - for your safety!

The Internet and new technologies offer massive opportunities for Europe’s citizens and economy. The cyber and everyday worlds now merge seamlessly to give us the information and services we expect and need as digital citizens, but we need to focus on prevention and on designing better, more secure systems."

For the new ENISA corporate video clip

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