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ENISA report: the 2017 cyber threat landscape

In 2017, we encountered a vast diversity of the cyber threats that offered some key insights. We gained tangible evidence regarding monetization methods, attacks on democracies, cyber-war, transformation of malicious infrastructures and the dynamics within threat agent groups.

Published on January 15, 2018

Nevertheless, 2017 also saw many successful operations against cyber-criminals. Law enforcement authorities, governments and vendors managed to shut down illegal dark markets, de-anonymize the Darknet and arrest cyber-criminals.

The EU Cybersecurity Agency ENISA assessed and analysed these aspects and has put together the sixth issue of its annual report ”ENISA Threat Landscape” (ETL).

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society: “Understanding the key cybersecurity threats that the EU must respond to and the way in which they are evolving is essential if we are to successfully protect the cyberspace, the key enabler of the EU Digital Single Market. The ENISA Threat Landscape therefore contributes in a very significant way to the digital future of Europe.”

Prof. Dr. Udo Helmbrecht, Executive Director of ENISA, explains: “The ENISA Threat Landscape provides a prioritised list of threats based on over 350 information sources in such a way that the important trends can be understood not only by industry professionals, but by decision makers in a wide variety of roles. It is a valuable record of what has happened and a unique tool in predicting what is yet to come.”

This year, ENISA improved readability and usability of its report and has launched a web application containing information on the top 15 cyber threats encountered in 2017. The application is available at and offers intuitive navigation through relevant information objects.

In addition to the top 15 cyber threats, which are also presented in the web application, the ETL 2017 covers threat agents, common attacks, and trends. It identifies open issues that are based on these trends and puts forward policy, business and research/educational recommendations, to be considered for future ENISA/EU activities and by their stakeholders.

The full ETL 2017 report can be found at

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