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ENISA organises Maritime Cybersecurity Workshop in Lisbon

On the 26th of November, ENISA organised a workshop in Lisbon with the objective of strengthening the cybersecurity of EU ports. The workshop was hosted by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and brought together over 60 stakeholders from the EU maritime sector.

Published on November 27, 2019

Multiple experts representing EU maritime sector stakeholders, such as port authorities, terminal operators, shipping companies and national competent authorities gathered in Lisbon to attend the ENISA Maritime Cybersecurity Workshop. The speaker line-up included presentations from DG CONNECT, DG MOVE and EMSA, as well as speakers from maritime operators, the industry and experts from Information Sharing and Analysis Centres (ISACs).

A significant part of the workshop was dedicated to a discussion on the ENISA ‘Port Cybersecurity - Good practices for cybersecurity in the maritime sector report’, which was published on the same day. Workshop participants exchanged views on the key findings of the report and voiced their opinion on what they would like to see ENISA working on next in the maritime sector.  

The afternoon session focused on the concept of ISACs, including presentations on good practices and lessons learnt from similar initiatives in other sectors. Subsequent discussions focused on the specific needs of the maritime stakeholders for such an information-sharing platform specifically for the EU maritime sector and on how ENISA could support the creation of an EU maritime ISAC.


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The ENISA ‘Port Cybersecurity - Good practices for cybersecurity in the maritime sector report



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