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ENISA meets ECB representatives

ENISA welcomed on 26 April 2018 at its premises in Athens Wiebe Ruttenberg, Alvise Grammatica, and Claus Sengler, representatives of the European Central Bank (ECB).

Published on April 27, 2018

The core objective of the meeting was to build on the work that the two institutions are currently carrying out together, by identifying synergies and ensuring that ENISA exploit the complementary skills of its experts.

The agenda covered a number of issues that currently rank very highly in the EU cybersecurity policy space, including effective information sharing, security breach notification schemes, lessons learned from the Critical Information Infrastructure Protection work carried out by ENISA and cybersecurity exercises.

For each of these areas, the link to the current policy and legislative framework was described, and particular attention was given to the needs of the financial sector. As a result of these discussions, ENISA experts were also able to deepen their insights into the needs of this community and to better understand the challenges that face it.

The latter part of the meeting was dedicated to a discussion on the Cybersecurity Act and, in particular, the proposal for an EU cybersecurity certification framework.

ENISA is very pleased to be supporting the ECB in its endeavours to improve cybersecurity throughout its own stakeholder communities. Furthermore, collaborative efforts such as these demonstrate the commitment of both bodies to develop approaches that make effective use of EU community resources.


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