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ENISA in co-operation with the EU Slovakian Presidency, hosts key workshop on the NIS Directive

Published on October 18, 2016

The workshop, co-organised with the Slovakian National Security Agency on the 17th  and 18th of October in Bratislava, gathers participants from the EU Commission, relevant public authorities within Member States and representatives of the private sector to debate on the implementation of the NIS Directive. The NIS Directive is the first EU legislation specifically aimed at improving cybersecurity throughout the Union.

The workshop focuses on specific topics of the NIS Directive which require immediate attention from the relevant stakeholders involved. The two-day debate addresses:

  • National Cyber Security Strategies as a core component of the new provisions; emphasis is placed  on good practices identified within Member States
  • Protecting Critical Information Infrastructure
  • Security measures for Digital Service Providers with emphasis on the appropriate concept to take into consideration  to address overall NIS Directive in a consistent manner
  • Incident Reporting for Digital Service Providers with emphasis on the parameters and thresholds to be deployed in the implementing provisions.

By developing a common approach across these topics, the NIS Directive will help ensure a consistent approach to cybersecurity “with a view to achieving a high common level of security of networks and information systems within the Union so as to improve the functioning of the internal market”[1].

Director of Information Security and Electronic Signature Department of the Slovak National Security Authority, Mr. Rastislav Janota said: “The NIS Directive is the first EU-wide rules on cybersecurity and the main instrument supporting Europe´s cyber resilience. Therefore, we are delighted to organize, in cooperation with ENISA, one of the first workshops that brings the relevant experts from various countries together and gives them a platform to discuss the highest relevant topics associated with transposition of the NIS Directive. This event which is organized during the European Cyber Security Month is on the one hand the perfect opportunity to present various national challenges and approaches that have been developed after the NIS Directive adoption, and on other hand could help involved stakeholders and decision makers gather relevant information.”

ENISA’s Executive Director Prof. Dr. Udo Helmbrecht said: “The NIS Directive is one of the components for the delivery of digital single market. Its success lies with the full engagement of all the stakeholders identified in the Directive, including digital service providers. Cyber security challenges can be only addressed by working together.”

ENISA is ideally positioned to assist Member States and private sector in implementing the NIS Directive. The Agency has already done work in the area of finance, energy, e-health and transport but also on baseline security requirements, incident reporting, and national cyber security strategies. ENISA is member of the Cooperation Group and runs the secretariat of the CSIRT Network, the component elements of the Cooperation Network that is at the core of the Directive.

More information is available here.

For media and press enquiries please contact [email protected], Tel: +30 2814 409576

[1] NIS Directive, Art. 1 (1).





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