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ENISA and ITRE discuss cyber insurance

ENISA’s Expert, Dr. Konstantinos Moulinos, attended a meeting with various Members of the ITRE Committee to discuss cyber insurance, i.e. contracts which cover a broad range of issues relating to threats in cyberspace.

Published on February 06, 2013

The maturity of a market for cyber-insurance is still uncertain, thus the incentives and barriers in this field have to be weighed carefully. Although cyber insurance is a very good choice of risk handover for the asset owner (insurers), there is a lack of solid and independent cyber security evidence on the strength and growth of this market.

For this reason, ENISA considers that information sharing and incident reporting are the foundations for the cyber insurance market to progress and improve.

For the full ENISA presentation on Cyber Insurance

ENISA's report on Incentives and barriers of the cyber insurance market in Europe

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