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ENISA and ISACA Workshop Addresses Cybersecurity Challenges

ENISA and ISACA hosted a joint workshop in Berlin on Tuesday (11th June) to address cybersecurity challenges for national regulators, telecom operators, ISPs and auditors. More than 25 organizations from 15 countries attended the event, held in conjunction with ISACA’s World Congress: INSIGHTS 2013.

Published on June 12, 2013

Themed “Auditing Security Measures in the Electronic Communications Sector,” the workshop covered Article 13a of the European Union Framework Directive of Telecom Reform.

Commenting on the event, ENISA’s Head of Secure Infrastructure and Services, Dr. Evangelos Ouzounis, said:  “ISACA is a key network of network and information security (NIS) experts with a global reach, and ENISA is very pleased to share our learning and experience with this highly respected group. The areas that ISACA works on, particularly security audits, complement ENISA’s technical perspectives, and in our joint workshop we were able to consider security issues from the perspectives of regulatory authorities, service providers and auditors. This wide-ranging activity is fully in tune with ENISA’s approach. Events like the ISACA World Congress bring the key players together, working to make cyberspace secure.”          

For more information: ENISA-ISACA cybersecurity workshop

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