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ENISA accredited as TF-CSIRT Liaison Member

Published on July 21, 2015

ENISA has been recognised as a 'liaison member' of the Computer Security Incident Response Team task force (TF-CSIRT), in July 2015.

ENISA’s CERT- related deliverables have been either developed or validated in collaboration with the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Teams) community. TF-CSIRT’s training program is partly based on ENISA material, and the Agency regularly sponsors and contributes to these trainings. In addition, the Agency’s workshops and trainings for CSIRTs are often held back-to-back with TF-CSIRT meetings.

ENISA’s Executive Director said: “TF-CSIRT is a very important community for ENISA, and this recognition hails 10 years of close collaboration. ENISA is honoured to be awarded this status, and is looking forward to contributing further to the CERT community”. 

“Liaison members” are organisations that are not CSIRTs, but which the community trusts and deems important.  Several ENISA staff members are already part of the community as ‘Individual Members’ contributing through their skills and experience, and are regularly invited to TF-CSIRT meetings.


TF-CSIRT was created in Europe in 2000. It's a forum for CSIRTs to exchange experiences, forge relationships and to allow efficient handling of cross-border information security incidents. CSIRTs have extended their capacities throughout the years from a “reaction force” to complete security service providers, including proactive services such as alerts, security advisories, training and security management services.


For more information on ENISA's CERT activities visit the dedicated section.




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