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New video - Major incidents in the electronic communications sector: Results of the 2012 report

Published on November 06, 2013

To highlight the importance of incident reporting and to better explain the results of the 2012 incidents report, ENISA has produced an animated, 2-minutes video. The video gives the answers to questions such as:

  • "What kind of incidents were reported?",
  • "What is the impact of these incidents on the electronic communication services?",
  • "Which were the main causes of these incidents?"

The latest incidents report was issued by ENISA in August 2013 providing an overview of the major outage incidents in the EU during 2012. 79 incidents of severe outages of electronic communication networks, or services were reported by 18 countries and were then analysed by ENISA.

Watch the full video: Annual major incident report results in the e-communications sector, Art 13a


Since 2011, ENISA has been collecting information on significant incidents that caused disruptions and outages in the Electronic communications sector from around Europe. The objectives of collecting and sharing information on incidents are:

  1. To allow NRAs, ENISA and EC to learn from significant incidents in other countries.
  2. To allow NRAs, ENISA and EC to learn from incidents of principal interest in other countries.
  3. To allow ENISA to provide stakeholders with a public report containing an aggregate overview of significant incidents across the EU, including patterns and trends, without singling out a specific country or provider.


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