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Czech Cyber Security Centre inaugurated in Brno, 13 May

Published on May 13, 2014

The Executive Director of ENISA, Professor Udo Helmbrecht participated in the inauguration of the Czech Cyber Security Centre in Brno, at a conference as key note speaker on 13th May in the Czech Republic. At a press conference with the Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, the Czech National Security Authority Director Mr Dušan Navratil, and the NATO Assisting Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, the ASG/ECG NATO, Mr Sorin Ducaru, the ENISA Executive Director commented:

“As Executive Director of an EU-body of expertise, as ENISA is, I congratulate the Czech Republic for the inauguration of the Czech Republic’s National Cyber Security Centre, the NCSC.

Firstly, the inauguration of the NCSC, is a great symbol for that Czech Republic is taking the fight for cyber security and against cyber criminals seriously, by dedicating and concentrating its resources for protection the Czech society, and thereby also Europe against in its fight for cyber security. As such, it is a milestone for Europe: with one more substantially strengthened link of the cyber security “chain” of the EU.

Secondly, this is a token of evidence for that the CZ Republic has fully grasped the international, cross-border complexities of cyber security:

  • Our society must offer resilient services, for e-health and bank transactions. We will now have the NCSC as a symbol for its international outlook and cooperation and to both build a better picture of cyber security and to encourage widespread debate to counter such scenarios. And this is needed for the economy of Europe and the resilience of our society;

Attack on Europe and resilience

  • An attack can lead to a take down of Europe’s electricity grids, or steal government records, or force governmental services offline.
  • Why do we not do a better work here; why does industry not build in this as “security by design”?
  • Why do we not make “Security made in Europe” our trademark; and harness the business opportunity latent in cyber security and for the economy of Europe?
  • Organisations must also share security breaches for us to be able to reduce future losses.
  • The ENISA led CERTs community building at EU-level has been successful in the fight against several botnets, (Mariposa, Zeus, Citadel and Virut)  and DDoS attack; the latter also taking place in CZ.
  • Thus, we need more CERTs cooperation across in Europe, for the coordination of cooperation on both national and international level to prevent cyber-attacks, to propose and adopt measures for incident solving and against ongoing attacks, support training, trust building and CERTs community building; to set minimum capabilities standards; exchange of best practices and crucial knowledge among CERTS, and cyber security exercises, like Cyber Europe CE2014, which ENISA does on the EU level,); and the NCSC provides a perfect counter partner for ENISA and for Europe in this respect.” Professor Helmbrecht concluded.


The Executive Director also met with the Czech member of the ENISA Management Board, Jaroslav SMID, who has supported the NCSC development and ENISA’s work.



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