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Cyber Europe 2016 - We are stronger together

In October 2016, ENISA organises the fourth pan-European cyber exercise, Cyber Europe 2016. Stay tuned!

Published on October 13, 2016

The scenario of Cyber Europe 2016 evolves around the IT, telecommunication and cybersecurity industries. The exercise includes technical incidents for the participants to analyse, ranging from forensic and malware analysis, mobile infection, malvertisement campaigns, open source intelligence, drones, etc. The technical incidents are used to build up the situation into a crisis at different levels: local, organization, national, European. Business continuity plans are expected to be put into test.

See also: Cyber Europe 2016 video: Are you ready for the next cyber crisis?

Cyber Europe 2016:


To gain some insight into the Cyber Europe exercises have a look at the After Action Report of the previous pan-European cybersecurity exercise Cyber Europe 2014 .



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