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Artificial Intelligence: Cybersecurity Essential for Security & Trust

MEP Kaili teams up with the EU Agency for Cybersecurity to explore the cybersecurity challenges of AI at one-day virtual workshop.

Published on October 01, 2020

On 30 September, Member of European Parliament Eva Kaili and the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) co-hosted the Cybersecurity for Artificial Intelligence (C4AI) virtual workshop to explore the security challenges related to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Speakers and panellists discussed the current risks and offered ways forward to establishing a secure ecosystem for AI across the Union.

AI continues to gain strength and broaden its scope.  It is influencing people’s everyday lives and playing a key role in digital transformation through its automated decision-making capabilities. The benefits of this emerging technology are significant , but so are the concerns. The EU Agency for Cybersecurity warns that AI may open new avenues in manipulation and attack methods, as well as new privacy challenges. Take, for example, AI-guided autonomous vehicles. The implementation of measures to protect users from malfunctions or data manipulation in smart cars is ongoing.

The C4AI event highlighted the role of cybersecurity in establishing the reliable and trustworthy deployment of AI – a principle area of work by the EU Agency for Cybersecurity. The Agency is actively mapping the AI cybersecurity ecosystem, and is set to publish its Threat Landscape for AI Cybersecurity Report, with the support of the Ad-Hoc Working Group on Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity, later this year.

MEP and Chair of the Future of Science and Technology Panel in the European Parliament Eva Kaili said:Trust is one of the most important factors for the adoption of new technologies. Recent cases of deepfakes or manipulation of citizens' data and cyber threats faced by businesses, foster distrust in technology; Europe must lead in a safe digital era without compromising privacy, especially in relation to AI, a technology that has exponential transformative powers. We must take advantage of the opportunities that AI brings for the European society and economy in a safe and secure way with respect for digital rights and quality standards for all. Cybersecurity is therefore key in inspiring trust in AI and we as regulators have to ensure that an all-encompassing cybersecurity strategy in Europe complements our ambitions towards developing our European AI capabilities."

Despina Spanou, Head of Cabinet for European Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas, said: “There cannot be AI without cybersecurity if the technology is to expand and be beneficial for our society and the economy."

EU Agency for Cybersecurity Executive Director Juhan Lepassaar said: “Cybersecurity is the foundation of trustworthy Artificial Intelligence solutions. It will serve as a springboard for the widespread secure deployment of AI across the EU.”

The workshop opened yesterday with keynote speeches by MEP Kaili, Ms. Spanou and Mr. Lepassaar. Moderated by EU Agency for Cybersecurity Head of Secure Infrastructure and Services, Evangelos Ouzounis, panellists shared their views on the role of cybersecurity for the adoption of AI. They discussed ways of fostering a secure ecosystem for AI, including exploring a roadmap for its trustworthy deployment. Discussions also touched on the main regulatory issues of AI facing the EU, as well as the technical, data protection and R&D risks of AI to end users.



The European Commission has highlighted the importance of AI in society and the economy in its White Paper on Artificial Intelligence, which is the frontrunner to upcoming policy initiatives on the technology. The Commission has also recognised the strategic importance of AI in its “Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence”, which aims to harmonise and coordinate AI initiatives across the Union, including addressing its security-related aspects. Additionally, this July, it its Security Union Strategy the Commission underlined the significance of AI, noting that it will bring both new benefits and new risks.

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 Event website: Cybersecurity for Artificial Intelligence (C4AI)

ENISA Threat Landscape for AI Cybersecurity Report

Ad-Hoc Working Group on Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity

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