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Are smart infrastructures and cyber security different worlds?

Published on July 16, 2015

Udo Helmbrecht discusses the IoT at the 1st annual conference and launch event for the funding priority on “IT security for Critical Infrastructures” taking place on the 15th-17th July 2015, at the premises of the SGL Arena in Augsburg.

The networking event includes representatives from the political, industry and scientific sector, taking a deeper look into critical infrastructures and IT security risks associated with new technologies and products, and the new business models.

Udo Helmbrecht took part in panel discussion on the security of smart infrastructures, exchanging views on "The look into the future" and the Internet of Things (IoT) from smart homes to smart cities, as applications are allowing smart living in all aspects of daily lives:

  • In smart homes we see media enabled devices that allow users to access data anywhere and anytime, making use of cloud services. Cyber physical devices allow the interaction of software controlled equipment to interact with the physical world.
  • Smart cities create significant impact through smart transport and car-to-car communications; smart grids, that allow for lower energy consumption; and smart hospitals, providing better health services. All these rely on ICT services whose operation has to be secured against possible vulnerabilities which may result to economic and societal impacts depending on the case.


Prof. Helmbrecht said: “Currently there is no clear definition of cyber security for smart infrastructures at an EU level. It will be beneficial to increase information sharing and coordination for example on public transport. As new technologies and applications are developed, their security aspects also need to be developed from the design phase, allowing for improved services, user experience and safety in a connected online world”.


For details visit the event page.


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