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1st Pan European CIIP exercise

Member States take a decisive step toward the first pan European Exercise on CIIP

Published on February 03, 2010

In a workshop organised by ENISA, European Commission and the Joint Research Centre -JRC, in Brussels on 28.01, EU Member States reaffirmed their commitment to participate in the first pan European Exercise on Critical Information Infrastructure Protection, 'CIIP' in accordance with Tallinn Ministerial Declaration.

Member States asked ENISA and JRC to plan and execute a desk-top exercise. This should involve as many Member States as possible. The Agency, with JRC and Member States, will now prepare the planning of the exercise. The ultimate objective is to execute it in November this year.

ENISA recently published a good practice guide on conducting national exercices on CIIP. This guide will help the Agency to plan and execute the first pan European Exercise.

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