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Custom-made Awareness Raising to enhance Cybersecurity Culture

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) empowers organisations by publishing the updated version of the ‘Awareness Raising in a Box’.

Published on April 10, 2024

Advanced protection of systems and a robust cybersecurity strategy have become a priority for all kinds of organisations, as cybersecurity issues and threats have evolved to be increasingly sophisticated and pervasive. Thus, awareness raising activities and having a relevant methodology in place are a fundamental to integrating cybersecurity in the organisational culture. With a view to achieve this goal, applying game design elements in cybersecurity awareness activities can simplify familiarisation with terms and concepts through a hands-on experience and motivate employees’ participation.

To test the new edition of the all-in-one toolkit, ENISA piloted the Awareness Raising in a Box (AR-in-a-BOX) with the Cypriot Digital Security Authority and the Cypriot National Coordination Centre.

The Head of the Cypriot Digital Security Authority, Diamantis Zafeiriades, highlighted that "The Digital Security Authority (DSA) and the Cyprus National Coordination Centre for Cybersecurity (NCC-CY) is proud to be working along with the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) to test and promote the Awareness Raising in a Box’ (AR-in-a-BOX), which aims to boost knowledge on cybersecurity awareness techniques. Acknowledging that cyber resilience is a constant training journey for the unpredictable, we are committed to support such initiatives on an ongoing basis."

AR-in-a-Box allows professionals from small and medium (SMEs) to big enterprises and public or private entities, to improve their knowledge on cybersecurity awareness techniques. This comprehensive toolkit offers a blend of theoretical frameworks and practical resources, enabling organisations to craft tailored cybersecurity awareness programmes, including gamification of content.

Notably, the updated version features an online Cyber Awareness Game accessible through the EU ACADEMY.

The updated version of AR-in-a-Box includes the existing catalogue of instructions, games and activities but has also been enriched with the addition of a new guide for the development of internal and external cyber crisis communication plans.

The cyber crisis communication guide aims to help organisations and experts improve their communicational preparedness and response, in times of a cybersecurity crisis. As such incidents may impact several aspects of their operations, the guide provides a holistic approach on their protection and mitigation of risks and damages.

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