Glossary of Terms

APF: Annual Privacy Forum

CE2014: Cyber Europe 2014

CEP: Cyber Exercises Platform

CEN: European Committee for Standardization

CENELEC: European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization

CII: Critical Information Infrastructures

CIIP: Critical Information Infrastructure Protection

CISO: Chief Information Security Officer

CSCG: ETSI CEN-CENELEC Cyber Security Coordination Group

CSIRT: Computer Security Incidents Response Teams (a.k.a. CERT: Computer Emergency Response Team)

COD: Core Operational Department

CSS: Cyber Security Strategy

DG: EC Directorate-General

DG CONNECT: EC Directorate-General CONNECT

DPA: Data Protection Authorities

EC: European Commission

EC3: Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre

ECSM: European Cyber Security Month

ED: Executive Director

eID: electronic Identity

ENISA: European Union Agency for Network and Information Security

ETSI: European Telecommunications Standards Institute

EU: European Union

EURO SCSIE: European SCADA Security Information Exchange

FIRST: Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams

H2020: Horizon 2020

IAS: Internal Audit Service

ICC & IAC: Internal Control Coordination and Internal Audit Capability

ICS: Industrial Control Systems

ICT: Information and Communication Technologies

IS: Information Systems

ISO: International Organization for Standardization

ISO: Information Security Officer

ISP: Internet Service Providers

ITFMU: Information Technology & Facilities Management Unit

IXP: Internet exchange point

KII: Key Impact Indicator

KPI: Key Performance Indicator

LEA: Law Enforcement Agency

MB: Management Board

MS: Member State

n/g CERT: National / Governmental CERT

NCO: National Contact Officer

NCSS: National Cyber Security Strategies

NIS: Network and Information Security

NLO: National Liaison Officer

NRA: National Regulatory Authority

PPP: Public Private Partnership

PSG: Permanent Stakeholders Group                      

R & D: Research and Development

SCADA: Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition

SME: Small and Medium Enterprise

SOGIS: Senior Officials Group Information Systems Security

SOP: Standard Operating Procedures

TF-CSIRT: Task Force of Computer Security Incidents Response Teams

TSP: Trust Service Provider

US: United States of America

WP: Work Programme

WPK: Work Package

WS: Work Stream

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