Threathunt 2030

The Threathunt 2030 conference is a unique opportunity for experts, concerned and interested participants alike to focus on the emerging cybersecurity threats of the future and debate on how the Union and Member States can best foresee, identify, prevent and respond to them.

Threathunt 2030
Sep 14, 2023 from 10:30 AM to 05:30 PM

Invitation only.

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Following up the 2022 edition, the new flagship conference on cybersecurity foresight in EU will return in 2023 with a focus on emerging cybersecurity threats and future scenarios around the corner.

The constant evolution of the threat landscape necessitates increased cooperation at various levels namely spanning technical, operational, strategic and political levels and players. Moreover, given the ever-increasing impact of cybersecurity threats on critical infrastructures, there is a growing need to bolster resilience and engage in multi-stakeholder dialogues to raise the level of cybersecurity across the Union.

In this one-day conference, ENISA will host a series of interactive panels on various aspects of future cybersecurity threats with a vision for a 2030 scenario built upon ENISA work done on cybersecurity foresight. The aim is to discuss pertinent topics and more importantly to establish the foundation for a long-standing community of involved partners that will continue to engage and bring forward the vision of a cyber secure Europe.

The draft agenda is available here

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