Find information about ENISA events, Speaking Engagements and Call for Expressions of Interest for joint events with ENISA.

Each year, ENISA engages in a variety of different events like conferences, workshops, seminars and meetings. The particular aims and objectives of our involvement differ depending on the type of event. The overall goal of involving in events though, is always to draw people's attention to the importance of Network and Information Security (NIS) by raising awareness and exchanging ideas and good practice on this matter.



Joint Events

ENISA is targeting events, conferences, workshops and seminars in the field of NIS, but also more general ICT-related events. The involvement in events allows us to network and promote our work in a cost-effective way, while at the same time keeping track of developments in the field.


ENISA Events

ENISA organises its own events, such as workshops and meetings which are targeted to a specific area of work. Furthermore those events are grouped hereunder where ENISA gives a high degree of support and engagement.


Speaking Engagements

ENISA regularly receives invitations from conference organisers all over Europe wishing us to give presentations about our work. Provided the scope of the conference is relevant to our work and that attendees are perceived as an important target group, ENISA may accept such invitations.

Please send your invitations for speaking engagements of ENISA Experts to: Events


NIS Events 

ENISA publishes furthermore Network and Information Security events to which it gives its support.



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