ENISA Cybersecurity Certification Conference 2022 - Agenda

Agenda of the 2022

ENISA Cybersecurity Certification Conference

2-3 June 2022

Hybrid event


(CET zone)



2 June 2022


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13h30 14h40

Keynote session:
Certification and Regulation: Evolving voluntary Framework

Juhan Lepassaar – ENISA, Executive Director

Miguel Gonzalez-Sancho – European Commission, Head of Unit DG CONNECT, CNECT H1

Lukáš Kintr – NUKIB, Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency, Deputy Director

Sandro Amendola – BSI, Head of Division Standardization, Certification and Cybersecurity of Telecommunication Networks

Cinzia Missiroli – Director, CEN-CENELEC

Introduction: Andreas Mitrakas, ENISA, Head of Market, Certification and Standardisation Unit

14:40 15:20

Expert View:
Implementation Strategies of EU Cybersecurity Certification: Organization of the key stakeholders at national level

Moderator: Chloé Blondeau - ENISA, Seconded National Expert

Roland Atoui - Red Alert Labs, Managing Director

Krzysztof Silicki – NASK,  Deputy Director, Director for Cybersecurity and Innovation

15:20 -15:50



Methodologies Supporting Cybersecurity Certification Schemes

Moderator: Javier Tallón, Technical Director at JTSEC Beyond IT Security

Gabor Hornyak, Cybersecurity Expert at NXP

Pr. Nineta Polemi – University of Piraeus, Cybersecurity professor. Trustilio B.V, CTO & Cofounder

Elzbieta Andrukiewicz, National Institute of Telecommunications, ITSEF Manager

16:40 17:30

Cybersecurity utopia: From Security-by-design to Certification-by-Design

Moderator: Vassiliki Gogou, Cybersecurity Expert at ENISA

Lucile Briolat - Campus Cyber, Head of International Cooperation and Development

Patricia Diez Muñoz – Telefónica, Global CTO, Head of Network, IT platforms and Customer Devices Security

Jesus Luna Garcia – Robert Bosch GmbH, Cloud and AI Security Governance - EU-funded MEDINA project

Franck Sadmi – ANSSI - Deputy Head of Division Products and Services of Security

17:30 - 17:40


17:40 18:40

Q&A session

Moderator: Vicente Gonzalez Pedros – ENISA, Cybersecurity Expert

 3 June 2022

09:00 09:10

Welcome Day 2

09:10 09:40

ENISA Presents:
Update on Ongoing Development on Schemes:
A Consistent Approach to Solve Different Problematics

Moderator: Philippe Blot - ENISA, Head of Sector Cybersecurity Certification

Vassiliki Gogou, ENISA, Cybersecurity Expert

Renate Verheijen, ENISA, Legal Adviser on Cybersecurity

Eric Vétillard, ENISA,  Lead Certification Expert

09:40 10:30

Market Incentives for Certification

Moderator: Louis Marinos – ENISA, Senior Cybersecurity Expert

Rasma Araby - Atsec information security AB, Managing Director and Head of ITSEF

Aljosa Pasic - Atos Research & Innovation, Technology Transfer Director

Ansgar Tessmer - SRC Security Research and Consulting GmbH, Head of Sales and Business Development



11:00 11:50

The future of Certification

Moderator: Dr. George Sharkov – European Software Institute CEE, Managing Director

Sonia Compans - ETSI, Technical Officer

Erika Magonara - ENISA, Cybersecurity Officer

Salvatore Scalzo - DG Connect A2, Legal and Policy Officer

Gabriel Zaid - Thales, Researcher and Security Analyst

11:50 - 12:00

12:00-12:30 Q&A session Day 2

Moderator: Corina Pascu – ENISA, Cybersecurity Expert


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