Workshop on security aspects of trust service providers



Introduction and ENISA work

Sławomir Górniak (ENISA)

eIDAS legislative process

Andrea Servida (European Commission)

The legal, standartization and certification frameworks of trust service security

Nick Pope (Thales / ETSI)

Ben Wilson (DigiCert)

Main security risks for trust service providers

Kim Nguyen (Bundesdruckerei / D-Trust)

Audun Jøsang (University of Oslo)

Iñigo Barreira (Izenpe)

Security aspects of the new trust services defined in the draft Regulation

Alejandro Elices (Atos Research)

Vincent Tilman (EuroChambers)

Mitigating the impact of security incidents in trust services providers

Steve Roylance (GlobalSign)

Robert van de Rijt (Logius)

Christian Van Heurck (

Tomas Gustavsson (PrimeKey Solutions)

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