Artificial Intelligence – An opportunity for the EU cyber-crisis management: Event presentations

To download a zip file with all the presentations, please click here.

Day 1

The EU Cyber Security Blueprint in the context of EU crisis management

Dr. Ioannis Askoxylakis /  European Commission

Blueprint gaps

Mr.  Georgios Chatzichristos / ENISA

CERT-EU in the Blueprint

Mr. Georgios Psykakos /  CERT EU

The EU cyber diplomacy toolbox

Ms Agnieszka Wierzbicka /  European External Action Service

Can we handle a Cybrid crisis without AI/ML?

Dr. George Sharkov / MoD- Bulgaria

The Law Enforcement ERP protocol

Ms Aglika Klayn / EUROPOL/EC3

Artificial intelligence and cyber defence

Mr Mario Beccia /European Defence Agency

Privacy & trust issues in AI

Dr. Cory Robinson /  Linköping University

 Day 2

Content analysis of open source intelligence data using AI and Natural Language processing

Mr. George Bara / SDL

Threat intelligence and insider threat detection using AI

Dr. Jassim Happa / University of Oxford

The Red Alert project – An H2020 project on real time threat detection and alert

Dr. Syed Naqvi / BCU School of computing and digital technology

The Open Source cyber situational awareness machine (OpenCSAM) project

Mr G. Chatzichristos & Mr. C.Ciobanu /ENISA

Mr V. Posea & Mr T. Ichim / Eau de Web

AI for CyberSecurity and Adversial AI

Mr. Domenico Raguseo / IBM Security

ML-Based Anomaly Detection in Industrial Environments

Dr Luis Búrdalo & Dr. Miguel A. Juan / S2GRUPO

Implementing AI pipelines for Cyber Security

Prof. Ernesto Damiani  & Prof. Claudio Ardagna

 University of Milan

Machine Learning in Cyber Security Response and Automation

Prof. Ivan Andonovic  / Strathclyde University

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